Personal trainers love to harp on their clients about the importance of performing exercises that support the core. If you spend a session with one of these professionals there is a good chance that a majority of your fitness routine will focus on ground exercises that work your core muscles. Trainers focus on this muscle group because it acts as the center of your body and helps you utilize every other part of your body to maximum efficiency.

While it’s easy to hit the gym and only perform your usual cardio or strength-training routine, neglecting your core can have adverse effects on your everyday activities.

Here are some of the functions a well-developed core will help you perform:

Computer Work: Sitting at a computer may seem easy, but it can put serious strain on your body. Developing a solid core can help take stress off of your lower back and other body parts.

Lifting: Even if you don’t participate in a strength-training regimen, you still lift objects when you take out the trash, move furniture, or carry luggage or grocery bags into your home. A strong core will make routine lifting easier and will help you avoid minor injuries and strains.

Running or Walking: Competitive runners know that developing a strong core is a vital part of finishing a race with a good time. Your core will help you take in more oxygen during every breath as well as help you keep balance while running or walking on uneven terrain.

Posture: When you have a developed core, sitting and standing up straight is a much easier task. Good posture not only makes you look more presentable, but it also takes pressure off of your lower back.

Sex: Sex is an extremely physical activity and if you have a strong core, you will be able to increase your stamina and perform better for longer periods of time.

By alternating your core work with different exercises a couple of times a week, everyday tasks will become much easier and much more enjoyable than ever before.

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